Since we are now in the pandemic mode I realise it creates certain challenges, limits the international traffic and influences budgets. But I’ve learned it is possible to realise even a very complicated shoot being in touch with the client or the agency or both online.

During the last few months I did a global campaign for Asics, connecting remotely with London, Tokyo and Cape Town at the same time. I did a commercial for Procter&Gamble for DACH market - still only connecting online. And did an international Pepsi commercial for several European markets, the same manner.

I really miss the travels and working around the globe. But I’ve learned from experience that despite the lockdown we don’t have to stop working together. Everything is possible. So don’t hesitate to contact me / take me under consideration with your next project.

It may not only result in a very successful creative cooperation, but you may be surprised how cost efficient your production can be.

I’d be happy to talk more, feel free to contact me